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As of 7 May 2019, The Young Engineers, Inc. has acquired the assets of Raymonds Automatic Machining, Inc. It’s former owner/operator, Ray DiPiero, will be joining our organization, bringing with him over three decades of experience in setting up and running multi-spindle screw machines, along with additional equipment and production capabilities.

Greg Martinez is replacing Dave Eshleman as our new Quality Manager due to Dave's retirement.

The Young Engineers has developed two new patented products: the Loret Isolator Insert™ (US Patent No. 8,393,601 B2 and 8,777,193 B2; European Patent No. 2366910) and the Loret Latches™ (US Patent No. 8,534,718 B2, 8,770,634 B2, 8,757,675 B2and 8,789,858 B2; European Patent No. 2236712 A2). The former is a unique insert that incorporates an elastomeric isolation device into a panel fastener, providing an alternative method for dampening structure in aircraft interiors, while also reducing part count, weight, and installation costs. The latter incorporates a unique actuation device that allows the latch to be highly customizable. They are available in several select designs, or can be custom designed to your specifications, and are available in paddle, push button and rocker styles. See New Products for additional details or Contact Us for additional details.

Nadcap Fasteners Task Group Recognition Award On 24 April 2007, during a special presentation at the Nadcap meeting held in Paris France, Pat Wells (President) and David Eshleman (Quality Assurance Manager) of The YOUNG ENGINEERS, Inc. were present to receive the attached Nadcap Fasteners Task Group Recognition Award. This award was presented by the Nadcap Fastener Task Group in recognition of The Young Engineers’ outstanding participation and contribution in the development of the fastener manufacturing accreditation program.

On 4 June 2007, The YOUNG ENGINEERS, Inc. became one of only two Companies in the world to be accredited to Nadcap Audit criteria for fastener manufacturers. This approval is in addition to our ISO9001:2000 and EN/JISQ/AS9100:2004 certifications, our FAA TSO C148 authorization, US Defense Logistics Agency QSLM approval, Nadcap audit criteria for materials testing of chemical processing of fasteners, and our extensive listing of customer approvals.