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TYE Logo 50th

The YOUNG ENGINEERS, Inc. continues to develop innovative fasteners and components for honeycomb and aircraft interior structures.

To meet the demand for lighter weight fasteners, we have designed and manufacture a full range of non metallic fasteners, as noted below. As one of only a handful of approved polyamide-imide (Torlon®) fastener manufactures in the world, we are preeminently qualified to assist with your non-metallic fastener needs.

TYE4001 Series Torlon® Threaded Fastener
This threaded, self-locking (per NASM25027) fastener is made from polyamide-imide (Torlon®), and offers significant weight savings over our very popular TYE2001 (NAS1836) steel or cres fastener. A TYE4001 fastener designed for a 0.375" (9.53 mm) panel is approximately 73% lighter than an equivalent TYE2001 steel or cres fastener. Even with such significant weight savings, tensile loads in excess of 700 lbs (3100 N) have been achieved.

TYE4003/4004 Series Non-Metallic Fasteners
These fasteners are the non-metallic equivalents of our TYE2003/TYE2004 Series (NAS1834) through-hole and countersunk through-hole fasteners. They are available in either polyamide-imide (Torlon®) or polyetherimide (Ultem®), and in a variety of standard lengths and clearance hole combinations. For a ½" (12.7 mm) long fastener, weight savings of 65-80% can be experienced over their equivalent aluminum and steel cousins.

TYE4018/4024/4334 Series Non-Metallic Floating Nut Fasteners
These floating nut fasteners combines the best of both worlds: a lightweight, corrosion-resistant polyetherimide (Ultem®) housing with an all-metal self-locking nut element. Modeled after our extremely popular TYE2018, TYE2024 and TYE2334 Series, these fasteners are finding quick acceptance throughout the aircraft interior marketplace. A TYE4334 fastener used in a ½" (12.7 mm) panel is approximately 50% lighter than its TYE2334 steel or cres housing counterpart, and about 40% lighter than the aluminum housing variant. Tensile and shear values for the TYE4334 fasteners are similar to their TYE2334 all-metal counterparts.

TYE4068/4168 Series Torlon® Non-Metallic Fasteners
These through-threaded, dual-self-locking (per NASM25027) fasteners are made from polyamide-imide (Torlon®), and offer a significant weight savings over our equivalent TYE2068/2168 steel or cres fasteners. For a ½" (12.7 mm) fastener, a weight savings of approximately 73% can be experienced.

TYE4094 Series Torlon® Floor Panel Fastener
This corrosion-resistant, plug and sleeve fastener is made from a high-strength engineering polymer (polyamide-imide; Torlon®), and is designed as a replacement for aluminum floor panel fasteners. They are particularly well suited in applications where galvanic corrosion may be encountered, and work extremely well with graphite panels. Testing in carbon fiber faced panels yielded shear strength values of approximately 1400 pounds (6200 N). These parts are currently being utilized in various aircraft types and are being evaluated by additional OEM’s and end users. Considering that such fasteners are lighter than aluminum and are FAA TSO C148 approved, they will likely find many applications.

TYE4122 Series Non-Metallic Fastener
This lightweight, bonded-in, one-piece, polyetherimide (Ultem®) fastener is a perfect solution for lightweight and moderate-strength countersunk clearance hole attachments.

Additional innovative fastener designs include:

TYE9001 and TYE9004 Magnetic Fasteners

To meet the needs of designers and aircraft interior installers seeking to temporarily but securely attach name plates and logos, secure loose items and prevent rattling, we have designed a series of magnetic fasteners that can be potted into honeycomb structure. These fasteners, which use rare earth magnets that will not lose their strength after years of service, can also be used to secure access panels, temporarily hold open doors or bins, and secure serviceable items (such as soap dispensers). They are currently available in two different styles (i.e., magnet to magnet and magnet to metal stud), with magnetic forces from approximately 1-30 pounds. Covered by (US Patent No. 9,140,279 B2 and 9,732,778 B2; European Patent No. 2711563 A2).

TYE2024 Series Floating Nut fastener
With continuous emphasis on weight reduction, designers are utilizing thin and lightweight honeycomb panels in greater numbers. Therefore, we developed this floating nut fastener for use in 0.250" (6.4 mm) thick panels as a compliment to our full line of floating nut fasteners.

TYE2043/2046/2054 Series Thin Panel fasteners
These fasteners are designed for honeycomb panels as thin as 1/8" (3.2 mm). They are available in through hole (TYE2043), through threaded (TYE2046), and countersunk (TYE2054) versions. With increased emphasis on aircraft interior weight reduction, designers and users are increasingly utilizing thin honeycomb panels for lightweight applications such as decorative panels, partitions, etc. Testing conducted in a typical 1/8" (3.2 mm) panel have generated tensile and shear values in excess of 170 pounds (756 N) and 525 pounds (2335 N), respectively.

TYE2335 and TYE2336 Series Independent Floating Nut fasteners
This double-sided floater was designed for locations where two-sided, independent floating nuts are preferred to mounting two inserts back-to-back, or where panel thickness prohibits the latter. In the past, designers and installers were often required to offset inserts on opposite sides of the same panel, even though they would have preferred the same mounting location (e.g., drawer glide installation in a bank of drawers). This resulted in additional labor, and potential reduction of panel strength. Our new fastener eliminates all of these concerns, and is available for nominal panel thickness of .500" and greater

TYE2344 Series Floating Nut Fastener
This floating nut fastener was designed for applications where a flush installation is required in addition to a radial float. A cres version of this fastener is designed into the cockpit flooring on the Airbus A380.

TYE5204 Series Floor Panel Fastener
This fastener was designed to meet the high strength shear requirements set forth by aircraft OEMs. When tested in a carbon fiber and Kevlar® panel, shear strength values of over 2500 pounds (11 kN) were generated. This one piece, primer coated, non flared fastener also eliminates some of the problems typically encountered with flared floor panel fasteners (e.g., non flush and/or incomplete installation after flaring), and is installed quickly and efficiently without special tools.

TYE6101 Series Hot Melt Adhesive Fastener
In response to customer demand, TYE has developed an internally threaded (self-locking and non-self-locking), surface mounted fastener for installation of lightweight applications to honeycomb panel structure. These fasteners attach quickly to panels via a pre-attached holt melt adhesive disc with no panel preparation required beyond abrasion and cleaning. Testing on a typical fiberglass faced honeycomb panel has developed tensile values in excess of 180 lbs (800 N), shear values in excess of 530 lbs (2357 N) and torque values in excess of 96 in-lbs (10.8 Nm).

TYE6171/6172 Series Hot Melt Adhesive Studs
These studs are designed to hold lightweight assemblies such as wire looms, and can be installed without potting compounds, extensive cure times or significant panel preparation. A TYE designed adapter tip applied to a standard soldering gun is all that is needed to install these fasteners, and they are ready to use in as little as fifteen minutes. Tensile loads of over 150 pounds (667 N) have been developed on typical panels.

TYE3045 Series Snap-in, Thin Panel Floating Nut fasteners
This thin-panel floating nut fastener was designed to eliminate back of panel dimpling on thin honeycomb panels, while still allowing for a radial float. In a 0.245” (6.2 mm) fiberglass and phenolic panel with .020” (0.5 mm) face sheets, torque/tensile/shear values of 112 in-lbs (12.6 Nm) / 245 lbs (1090 N) / 630 lbs (2802 N) were developed.

The Young Engineers has devloped two new patented products: the Loret Isolator Insert™ and the Loret Latches™.

The Loret Isolator Inserts™
The revolutionary design of the Loret Isolator Insert™ family of products allows for their use in most common honeycomb panels, along with sheet metal and composite structures. They can be used to dampen vibration and/or motion in such diverse applications as avionics racks, sidewall panels, chiller and entertainment units, galleys, monuments, etc. They are currently being utilized on VIP aircraft applications, and are being evaluated and/or tested on a variety of additional platforms. Additionally, we are developing a non-metallic version for lightweight applications.  Covered by (US Patent No. 8,393,601 B2 and 8,777,193 B2; European Patent No. 2366910) .

The Loret Latches™
This new latch system concept was developed to bring aesthetic innovation back to the aerospace industry and to allow for the development of new and aesthetically pleasing designs customized to our customer's wishes. The Loret Latches™ family consists of a unique two part design composed of a mechanism assembly and a separate actuator assembly, the latter of which is the visual and operational part of the latch. This design allows the use of a similar mechanism assembly with a wide selection of actuation devices, including push button, rocker button or paddle styles. The latch can be mounted to various panel sizes, is easy to install, and includes an integrated back plate. You may choose from our wide range of existing designs, or we can custom design a latching solution for your specific application. Covered by (US Patent No. 8,534,718 B2, 8,770,634 B2, 8,757,675 B2 and 8,789,858 B2; European Patent No. 2236712 A2).

Please contact either John Pumphrey (National Sales Manager) or Terry Litwinski (Inside Sales Manager) for further information on these new products or our complete line of honeycomb panel fasteners, rivet inserts and specialty fastening products