Highlighted Products

Magnetic Inserts

To meet the needs of designers and aircraft interior installers seeking to temporarily but securely attach name plates and logos, secure loose items and prevent rattling, TYE has designed a series of magnetic fasteners that can be potted into honeycomb structure. These fasteners, which use rare earth magnets that will not lose their strength after years of service, can also be used to secure access panels, temporarily hold open/closed doors or bins, and secure serviceable items (such as soap dispensers). They are available in a variety of styles: magnet-to-magnet or magnet-to-stud (recessed to provide fixed position), or magnet-to-magnet, -stud or –plate (flush application to allow for proximity attachment). Magnetic forces available from 1-30 pounds. Covered by various US and international patents.

3D Adjustable Loret Isolator Insert

3D Adjustable Loret Isolator Insert

This version of our vibration/motion dampening fastener is used to attach galleys, monuments, seating systems, etc. to aircraft seat tracks or stringers and offers true X-, Y- and Z-axis adjustability. These are typically lighter and less expensive than bespoke solutions and yet carry substantial loads. They are currently being utilized on various VIP and mainline aircraft applications. Covered by various US and international patents.


High Strength Plastic Inserts

TYE has designed a full range of high-strength plastic inserts, typically molded from Ultem® or Torlon®. These inserts and fasteners can often be used as drop-in replacements for metal inserts. They offer significant weight savings over metal inserts, while also eliminating galvanic corrosion and the use of hazardous chemicals and coatings (e.g., REACH).

Floor panel fasteners

TYE4094 Series floor panel fasteners are manufactured from Torlon®, and are designed as a replacement for aluminum floor panel fasteners. They are particularly well suited for applications where galvanic corrosion may be encountered, and work extremely well with graphite skinned panels. Testing in carbon fiber faced honeycomb panels yielded shear strength values of approximately 1400 pounds (6200 N).

Metallic Self-Locking Nut

TYE4334 Series floating nut inserts utilize a Ultem® or Torlon® housing and a metallic self-locking nut. It is available with a proprietary ultra-lightweight aluminum self-locking nut, making it the lightest floating nut insert in the industry.

Countersunk Inserts

TYE4003 / TYE4004 Series of through and countersunk inserts are available in Ultem® or Torlon®, and can be utilized in place of metal inserts in most applications. Weight savings of 15-85% can be achieved (depending on size and material being replaced).

Our TYE4136 Series consists of a proprietary ultra-lightweight aluminum self-locking nut encased in an Ultem® shell. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for NAS1836 style metallic inserts, resulting in significant weight savings.

Loret Isolator Inserts

The revolutionary design of this family of products allows for their use in most common honeycomb panels, along with sheet metal and composite structures, often allowing direct mounting to aircraft structure. They can be used to dampen vibration and/or motion in such diverse applications as avionics racks, sidewall panels, chillers, entertainment units, etc. Covered by various US and international patents.

Loret Latches

Loret Latches

This latch system concept was developed to bring aesthetic innovation back to the aerospace industry and to allow for the development of new and aesthetically pleasing designs customized to our customer’s wishes. The Loret Latches family consists of a unique two-part design composed of a mechanism assembly and a separate actuator assembly, the latter of which is the visual and operational part of the latch. This design allows the use of a similar mechanism assembly with a wide selection of actuation devices, including push-button, rocker-button or paddle styles. The latch can be mounted to various panel sizes, is easy to install, and includes an integrated back plate. You may choose from our wide range of existing designs, or we can custom design a latching solution for your specific application. Covered by various US and international patents.

Thin Panel Inserts

Our TYE2043 / TYE2046 / TYE2054 Series of through, threaded and countersink inserts have been designed for honeycomb panels as thin as 1/8” (3.2 mm). With increased emphasis on aircraft interior weight reduction, designers and users are increasingly utilizing thin honeycomb panels for lightweight applications such as decorative panels, partitions, etc. Testing conducted in a typical 1/8″ (3.2 mm) panel have generated tensile and shear values in excess of 170 pounds (756 N) and 525 pounds (2335 N), respectively.

Edge-Mount Fasteners

Edge-Mount Fasteners

Our TYE2072 Series of edge-mount fasteners allows for the attachment of lightweight structure to the side of honeycomb panels.