Our Products

The YOUNG ENGINEERS, Inc. continues to develop innovative fasteners and components for honeycomb and aircraft interior structures.

Loret Latches

Loret Latches

Loret Latches were developed to bring aesthetic innovation to high-end aircraft cabin latches. They consist of a unique two-part mechanism assembly and separate actuator assembly, the latter of which is the visual and operational part of the latch. Latches are available in push-button, rocker-button or paddle styles, and can be customized to meet your specific aesthetic requirements. Covered by various US and international patents.

Floating Nut Inserts

Floating Nut Inserts

Floating nut inserts give designers and installers 2D adjustability that allows close tolerance installation to honeycomb panels. They are available for panels as thin as .250” (6.4 mm), with certain designs containing two-sided independent floating nuts, and others with an oversized countersink allowing for flush application of attachments.

Floor Panel Fasteners

Floor Panel Fasteners

Available in one- and two-piece configurations, in both flush and protruding variants, this style of insert is typically utilized for high-shear applications in aircraft floor panels. We offer innovative designs from materials as varied as high-strength plastics, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

3D Adjustable Loret Isolator Insert

3D Adjustable Loret Isolator Insert

This version of our vibration/motion dampening fastener is used to attach galleys, monuments, seating systems, etc. to aircraft seat tracks or stringers and offers true X-, Y- and Z-axis adjustability. These are typically lighter and less expensive than bespoke solutions and yet carry substantial loads. They are currently being utilized on various VIP and mainline aircraft applications. Covered by various US and international patents.

Magnetic Inserts

Potted in inserts that allow for the temporary yet secure attachment of name plates and logos, access panels, curtain holdbacks, LED lighting, accessories, etc. to honeycomb structure. They can also be used to prevent rattling or hold doors/bins open or closed. Rare earth magnets will not lose their strength after years of service, and are available with matching magnets, studs, or plates.  Covered by various US and international patents.

Miniature / Lightweight Inserts

Lightweight and/or miniature versions of our most popular honeycomb panel fasteners. Some are designed for panels as thin as .125” (3.2 mm), while others have reduced flange diameters and/or thinner flanges and bodies to reduce overall installed weight (via a lighter insert and reduced adhesive volume).

Miscellaneous Fasteners & Fittings

TYE designs and manufactures a wide-range of sleeves, spacers, specialty fasteners, fittings and washers, made from a variety of materials. TYE-Pins are used to attach honeycomb panels at right angles, while sleeves, spacers and fittings can be used to attach hardware to a variety of composite structures.

Miscellaneous Fasteners

TYE designs and manufactures a wide-range of inserts and specialty fasteners that can be used in such diverse applications as electrical grounding, composite structure attachment, sheet metal mating, etc. Some are designed to be ultrasonically installed in composite structure, while others are surface bonded to panels with pre-installed hot-melt adhesive.


High-Strength Plastic Inserts

TYE has designed a variety of high-strength plastic inserts, typically molded from Ultem® or Torlon®. These inserts and fasteners can often be used as drop-in replacements for metal inserts. They offer significant weight savings over metal inserts, while also eliminating galvanic corrosion and the use of hazardous chemicals and coatings (e.g., REACH).

Plug & Sleeve Fasteners

Two-piece fasteners that can often be installed without potting compound. Available in a variety of flush and protruding styles and sizes (e.g., through-hole, threaded and self-locking). Some are height-adjustable, being utilized when a fastener must conform to the exact thickness of a honeycomb board.

Rivet Inserts

Typically affixed onto aluminum channels or structures, these inserts are quickly and easily installed into blind holes, are available in both flush and protruding styles, and offer self-locking threads. They offer a lighter, cheaper and easier to install option over traditional nut-plates and fittings.

Loret Isolator Inserts

The revolutionary design of this family of products allows for their use in most common honeycomb panels, along with sheet metal and composite structures, often allowing direct mounting to aircraft structure. They can be used to dampen vibration and/or motion in such diverse applications as avionics racks, sidewall panels, chillers, entertainment units, etc. Covered by various US and international patents.


Snap-In Inserts

Typically utilized in high-vibration applications such as rotorcraft, these fasteners have a groove in the top flange of the insert that provides a positive attachment to honeycomb panel face sheets. These inserts also eliminate back-of-panel dimpling of honeycomb panels, eliminating significant rework to high-visibility and/or decorative panels. Available in both fixed and floating nut variants.

Tensile Fasteners

High tensile strength fasteners are utilized to secure seating and heavily loaded objects to bulkheads and the like. Some are potted into panels, while others are riveted onto aluminum honeycomb panel face sheets. Certain styles are rated to carry significant loads (e.g., min load of 3250 lb / 14.4 kN for 1032 thread).

Internally Threaded Inserts

Available with blind- or through-threads, typically self-locking, made from a wide variety of materials, in a near infinite array of sizes. Inserts are offered with a variety of finishes, including REACH-compliant coatings, and can be color-coded by size if required.

Installation Tooling

Customized installation tools designed to aid in the installation and alignment of inserts and fasteners.